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THE PLEASANT GROVE FOOD PANTRY • 214-505-1928 • info@pleasantgrovefoodpantry.org

A Partner Agency Of The North Texas Food Bank


WAYS YOU CAN HELPWAYS_TO_HELP.htmlmailto:info@pleasantgrovefoodpantry.org?subject=We%20Are%20Interested%20In%20Hosting%20a%20Food%20Drive%20For%20The%20Pantryshapeimage_10_link_0

Some Unfortunate FACTS We Can Not Afford To Ignore:

Each Week, A Small Group Of Amazing Humanitarians Provide Food And Hope To Hundreds Of Less Fortunate Seniors And Families From Throughout Southeast Dallas And Pleasant Grove. This Is Their Story. A Story Of Love, Compassion And Above All Else......Grace.